Some things I like

Some of my favorite music 

I'm going to skip the ones that are better known like Nine Inch Nails, Jethro Tull or Tory Amos and concentrate on some artists you might not have heard of yet. A lot of these were found on the Buffy soundtracks or fooling around on iTunes when I should have been doing real work. Yes, that is sort of lame, but this way I didn't have to leave my desk.
  • Aimee Mann. Start with "Calling it Quits" and "Pavlov's Bell". You will have seen Aimee in The Big Lebowski with a missing toe. I first saw her in the Buffy episode "Sleeper" with all her toes (presumably).
  • Iron & Wine. Tripped over "Boy with a Coin" on iTunes, heard a discussion about Sam Beam on German radio while driving, went back for the whole album. It was worth it.
  • K's Choice. Another Buffy song, "Virgin State of Mind". Also try "Paradise in me".
  • Naked Raven. Start with "Harbour" [sic], "Skin", "Shore", and "Paperboy".

Some of my favorite websites

The emphasis here is on "some". There are a whole list of sites I scan for USA Erklärt, but I'm not listing them here for the same reason I don't have a blog roll there.

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